Today is April 5, 2012.

I’m Ava, which is short for Avaline, which is short for “Avaline is a cooler name than my real one.”  I’m here because I like telling stories and because almost everything is hilarious in retrospect.

Now that I’m in my fourth decade of being alive, I get down sometimes about the fact that things just don’t seem as exciting as they once did.  Truthfully, things are much better than they’ve ever been–it’s just that I’m realizing now that drama is the true American addiction, and without it, things seem a little… ordinary.  Normal is the new weird, and I’m trying to get on board with it.

Oh, and despite the fact that I’m not using my real name, I assure you that my profile picture is 100% accurate.

Off to bed without finishing folding the laundry.  Because I’m a rebel.



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