Two Things That Need to be Re-Designed for Adults

First one:


I dare you to find me an adult who doesn’t find themselves at a playground for whatever reason and go, “if only it were BIGGER…”  Even better are those giant playhouses with nets and rope ladders and giant slides… that are built for people under four feet tall.  It seems to me that a big play structure (oooh!  Maybe built as a giant treehouse!) would be a huge success if it were built for and marketed to adults.  I’d like to think that I still have the imagination and the energy to enjoy something like that–now all I need is the opportunity.

I read recently that there are several resorts around the world that have taken the treehouse concept to new heights (haha).  One in Oregon even has all of its rooms connected by suspension bridges and ziplines.  That said, I still think there need to be some options that are simply for fun and that have no practical purpose whatsoever.  I think that if every McDonald’s had an adult PlayPlace in addition to a children’s one, there would be much less road rage in the world.  Just a thought, creative builder-types.

Number Two:

Roller skating rinks.  I know a few of these still exist out there, but it seems like they are exclusively marketed to children.  I admit that when I was growing up, if you were an adult at a roller rink, and your child wasn’t wheeling around out there, you were probably up to something illegal.  I think it’s time to change the roller rink’s image.  It’s not just for kids and creepers anymore!  Remember how fun it was to try to do the Hokey Pokey?  And to “shoot the duck?”  Ice skating can be fun too, but roller skating is just so much easier to learn and so much less painful.

They forget to tell you to really truly enjoy your kid days because you just won’t be allowed to do certain things as an adult anymore.  Thank goodness Jump Street is around (an all-ages indoor trampoline park that seems to be sweeping the nation as we speak).  Let’s create some more places like that.  Creative minds need to be constantly stimulated.  Not just from ages 2-13.

(P.S.  This might fix that obesity issue as well.  Just sayin.)


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