Jaguars and Jacuzzis

When I was 16, I enjoyed thinking a lot about the future.  I still do that, but my future now that I’m in my 30’s looks quite different than my future from the teenage perspective.  Come to think of it, my present in my 30’s looks much different than I projected it would when I was in high school.  Here’s what my best friend from high school and I had planned for our futures…

1.  Obviously, we’d have jobs.  I mean, everyone who is in their 30’s has a job, right?  We never really specified WHAT we’d be doing because I don’t think either of us really cared to think about work, but we knew we’d have jobs because…

2.  We would have money.  We wouldn’t necessarily be RICH, but we’d have plenty of money to blow on perfectly reasonable things.  We wouldn’t be worrying about money, let’s put it that way.  Bills–no problem.  Cars–sure.  Fancy trips–of course.

3.  We would own Jaguars.  Forest green ones, specifically.  From the mind of a 16-year-old girl, a Jaguar was the most classy and sophisticated car possible.  Ferraris and Porsches were too fast and flashy.  Grown up women didn’t drive those.  They drove Jaguars.

4.  We would meet up once a month, stay in the Ritz Carlton, and we would each have rooms with jacuzzis.  Because jacuzzis rule.

Let’s see… how am I doing so far?  I do have a job, but you couldn’t have convinced me with the threat of death that I’d be doing what I actually do.  I have barely enough money to squeak by.  I’m not poor, but I won’t be taking random trips just to stay in the Ritz, I can tell you that.  I for sure don’t own a Jaguar, and from what I know now about cars, I don’t think you could really pay me enough to own one.  Finally, for the most part, in-room hotel jacuzzis are pretty much crap anyway.

So I didn’t fare too well in predicting my future.  My former friend and I lost touch many years ago, but I doubt she’s living the Jaguar-driving, jacuzzi-hopping life either.  Ah, to dream.


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