Dream Rides

Recently, I posted about my ill-conceived dream as a teenager to own a forest green Jaguar.  I really didn’t know much about cars then (after all, I considered a Nissan Maxima to be a “dream ride” also).  Since I’ve grown up and thought about it more, I’ve come up with some much cooler cars for the “never in a million years will I own these” wish list…

This is what I drive now, and believe it or not, I love it, and would keep it even if I could have any car I wanted.  It’s a 2011 Ford Fiesta.  It gets 40 MPG, and I can park it pretty much anywhere:


Then there’s this one, the McLaren-Mercedes SLR 722.  It’s badass, super fast, gorgeous, and somehow not too obnoxious.  


Slightly more obnoxious is this one, the Porsche 911 GT2.  I saw Tanner Foust drive this through the streets of LA on Top Gear, and all I could think is “I wanna DO that.”  Then I remembered that my Fiesta accurately represents my driving skill, and I’d pretty much have to hire Tanner to drive me everywhere if I owned this car.  No matter.  I’m sure we could all figure it out:


And to round out the category of absurdly fast cars, who wouldn’t want a Bugatti Veyron?


And I’ll need this one back, since I’m in the mountains all the time.  I miss the power, and I really miss the AWD.  It’s big enough to not have any need or desire for an SUV, and it’s fast when it needs to be fast.  If only I could still afford you, Subaru WRX/STI:


I think that’s a good list.  It’s a start anyway.  I’d love to have a project car, too, and I don’t really care what it is.  I want to start learning more about how cars work and the actual mechanics of them… so something old that breaks a lot would be just perfect.  May my baby Fiesta never be in that category.  



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