And Then Something Stupid Happened

This morning, I woke up very early in order to get to work before sunrise.  Normally, I am not a morning person, but I woke up excited this morning.  I couldn’t wait to open the shop, have an energetic morning rush, and get home early.  Surprisingly, I didn’t even feel like death when the alarm went off, and this is coming from a girl who typically hits the snooze button anywhere from 3-37 times on any given morning.  

First, I made coffee.  I used the AeroPress, which is quiet and quick, and always always always makes a great cup.  I even steamed some coconut milk to go in it.  I cannot stress enough how completely awesome I was feeling this morning.  I got ready for the mile walk to work, stepped into the beautiful weather, took a sip of my coffee, and realized that I had completely screwed something up.  My coffee was terrible.  Bummer.  

I got past it.  It was something warm to hold and to drink (even if not the best tasting).  I was not about to let one stupid cup of coffee ruin what was shaping up to be a shockingly perfect pre-dawn walk.  I cut through the park (as I usually do) and admired the number of people who were running around that early.  There were many more people (and dogs) than I expected, and there is something strangely communal about seeing people at that time of the morning.  It’s like there is a silent understanding amongst everyone, whether one is simply having an early morning workout, or whether one is on their commute to work.  

I was momentarily distracted by a noise in a tree (squirrel!), and then it happened.  Something very, very stupid.

As if on-cue in a movie, every freaking sprinkler in the park turned on, and by some stroke of awful, they were all pointed right at me.  To make matters wetter, I had to walk about another 1000 feet before being clear of them.

I was soaked, and you don’t come back from something like that.  Thank goodness it had been such a great morning up until that point, or my attitude about it would have likely been terrible.  Also, the store was not to open for another hour or so, so by the time I actually had to converse with people, I was only slightly damp.  

You know what?  Whatever.  It’s those little stupid things that keep it interesting.  Monday, you did not win today!  My day was all kinds of awesome shiny rainbows despite your best efforts.  See you at the rematch.


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