Today I Saw My Insides

The past 48 hours have been No Fun.  First, an abdominal CT scan (which I thought was going to be a really simple thing–not so), and then an endoscopy and a colonoscopy.  Of course, there are the usual maladies that go with those things–not being able to eat for several days, having to drink terrible prep solution in crazy quantities, unmentionable things that happen in the bathroom, and too many needle sticks to count.

But I got to see my insides!

Maybe I’m just morbid, but I’ve always wondered what all the inner workings looked like.  I think it’s so crazy that we swallow this stuff we call food, and somehow our magical bodies are able to extract useful material out of it and process it down.  Anything not useful, well, you know.  To be able to actually see the inside of the place where it all happens… it’s kinda cool!

Obviously, there was a higher purpose to all of this.  I’m actually seeking a diagnosis for what’s been keeping me down for the past year, and based on the results of these tests, I can tell we are getting very, very close.

But I have pictures of the inside of my stomach now.  And my colon.  And I think that’s just the coolest.  I never claimed to be not weird.

I would show you said pictures, but, ew, so instead look at my cat:



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