A Drastic Change of Plans

Well… I was so excited to have all these goals set, and I was starting to get some things in place that would enable me to accomplish some of said goals… 

And yet, today, I am writing you from the hospital.  This is my second day here, and it’s not looking like I’m leaving any time soon.  To just give the short version of what brought me here, I basically woke up yesterday with my legs paralyzed.  It’s rather alarming to wake up and realize you cannot walk, but I have been through things like this before.  I battled Lyme Disease for 5 years, and there were times throughout my treatment during which walking was almost impossible.  With that in mind, I’ve never experienced anything quite this bad or quite this acute, so this is a little scarier.

After two MRIs and two lumbar punctures yesterday (as well as an EKG, many, many vials of blood drawn, and several urinalyses), we still have no definitive answer as to why my legs are choosing to not participate with the rest of me anymore.  So far, Guillian-Barre Syndrome is at the top of the list, but there are still some symptoms that don’t quite fit.  Basically, I’m just hanging out until we know more or until everything magically starts working again.

It’s still pretty early, but it’s tough to not be discouraged.  I was so psyched up for all of the awesome physical stuff I was going to be doing.  I was committed to getting my body in prime working condition again.  I was even looking forward to some potential promotions at work in the not-too-distant future.  Now, I will be celebrating the day I can wiggle my feet again.

So here’s the deal.  It seems a little morbid to make a new “bucket list” per se, but there is one thing and one thing only on my list of must-do’s.  

I WILL walk again.  It will be epic.


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